Friday, 15 June 2012

Data Mining

     Data mining is the extraction of interesting patterns from large amounts of data. A pattern is said to be interesting if the pattern is not trivial, implicit, previously unknown, and useful. Patterns that are presented must be easily understood, applicable to the data to be predicted with some degree of certainty, useful, and the new. Data mining has several alternative names, although its exact definition is different, such as KDD (knowledge discovery in databases), pattern analysis, archaeological data, harvest information, and business intelligence. Data mining is needed when data are available are too many (eg data obtained from the company database systems, e-commerce, stock data, bioinformatics and data), but do not know what the pattern can be obtained.

Source : wikipedia

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Rahmi Imanda said...
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Rahmi Imanda said...

artikel yang menarik, kami juga punya artikel tentang 'data mining' silahkan buka link ini
semoga bermanfaat ya

Yudha Pradipta said...

ok terima kasih :)

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