Friday, 15 June 2012

Bascom-8051 Programming

     Bascom-8051 using a Basic compiler is a program based on Windows which can be used for the 8051 microcontroller family, for example AT89S51/52/55 and AT89S2051/4051. Demo version of Bascom-8051 developed by MCS Electronic can be downloaded at freely. For the demo version of the code that can be created and executed the microcontroller is limited amount of up to 4 KBytes, but this is not a problem because according to the internal program storage capacity on the AT89S51.
      In general, the language used to program the microcontroller Assembly language is. Assembly language is a medium-level programming languages​​, where programs are made closer to machine language, so pemenfaatan optimal memory can be done, but on the other side of its programming to be relatively difficult.
     Because the language used Bascom, namely Basic, the language level high, then the programming using Bascom is easy to learn. The syntax is not much different from Basic in general, such as do-loops, for-next,
while-wend, goto, gosub, and so forth. In addition Bascom equipped with special functions, such as an LCD to display characters on LCD, PRINT to send characters to the PC via RS232 cable, and SHIFTOUT SHIFTIN to synchronous serial communication, and so forth. Special functions if written in Assembly language will become more lengthy and complicated, especially because we must know that there are registers in the microcontroller.

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