Friday, 15 June 2012

Fundamental Difference Between ATMEGA8535 and AT89S51

Features of the ATMEGA8535 microcontroller is as follows:

1) Channel I / O as much as 32 pieces, the port A, Port B, Port C and Port D.
2) 10-bit ADC with 8 channels.
3) Three Timer / Counter with benchmarking capabilities.
4) CPU register consists of 32 pieces.
5) Watchdog Timer with Internal Oscillator.
6) as much as 512 bytes of SRAM.
7) Flash Memory at 8 kb to Read While Write capability.
8) Unit internal and external interrupts.
9) Port SPI interface.
10) a 512 byte EEPROM can be programmed during the operation.
11) analog comparator interface.
12) Port USART for serial communication.

Features of the AT89S51 microcontroller is as follows:

1) A CPU (Central Processing Unit) 8 bits including MCS51 family.
2) internal oscillator and timing circuits, 128 bytes of internal RAM (on chip).
3) Four programmable I / O ports, each consisting of 8 lines I / O
4) Two 16-bit Timer Counter.
5) Five of the interrupt lines (2 external interrupts and internal interrupts 3)
6) A serial port with full duplex UART serial control.
7) Ability to perform multiplication, division and Boolean operations (bit)
8) The speed of execution of instructions per cycle 1 microdetik at 12 MHz clock frequency
9) 4 Kbytes Flash ROM that can be loaded and removed up to 1000 times
10) In-System Programmable Flash Memory

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